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51-0074 Rhein/Main AB Frankfurt 11 Jan 1969352 viewsC-124C-DL c/n 43408 USAF 349 MAW
Own photo
061 MiG-15297 viewsMiG-15bis Faggot, preserved/Pinter Muzeum, c/n 3061, Kecel Hungary
51-17416 Wethersfield? Bentwaters?16 May 1959314 viewsLockheed T-33 c/n 7155 to Netherlands Air Force as M-57/17416 29.1.64, written off 8.6.65 when with the Whiskey Four display team, colliding in midair with M-46 during a display at the Woensdrecht Open Day. Had also been present at Biggin Hill Sept 1954.
A Robt. J. Ruffle photo
15207 Blackbushe 3 October 1959 (dep 6th Oct)335 viewsDouglas C-124C 51-5207 c/n 43617 14th TCS/322nd AD with visitors to the Farnborough Air Show. We were given a taxy ride over to the Navy Base which was thrilling. At the base were 56-416G L-20L Army coded 8, 58-1359 RL-23D c/n LH186 and four U1A 55-3302(1), 55-3308, 55-3297 and 55-3287(10) of the 3rd Otter Co US Army. 55-3314 (14) arrived on the 4th, and L-23D 56-3718 c/n LH119, plus Marines R5D-3 56548 of VMR-352 'QB'.
305 MiG-21F-13 Budaörs Airfield296 views
54497 Grosser Feldberg 5 Sept 1968322 views
54497 Grosser Feldberg 5 Sept 1968328 views
54497 Grosser Feldberg 5 Sept 1968329 views
5T-CJL317 viewsIL-18D Air Mauritania c/n 189011304 named Nouakchott, to Vietnam as VN-B198
56-0550 Blackbushe 3 Sept 1958309 viewsLockheed C-130A c/n 3158 USAF
Own photo
75841295 viewsIL-18V Aeroflot leased to Air Guinee c/n 182005302
90413 US Navy R5D-4R at Blackbushe in September 1956482 viewsc/n 27369 from Anacostia NAS, Washington DC

Photo courtesy Robt. J. Ruffle
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