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Alan's collection of old b/w photos (mainly Cessnas) from various sources (but all paid for!) - English-for-Flyaways
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G-APUF110 viewsAt Blackbushe on day of delivery (25.7.1959) to Airwork (together with G-APVC). PUF sold to Kenneth McAlpine
G-APVC115 viewsCessna 310C c/n 35948 on delivery at Blackbushe 25-7-1959 to Airwork. Sold to John Brown Construction
G-APVS111 viewsCessna 170B c/n 26156 ex-N2512C owned at one time by TV personality Stan Stennett (Coronation Street, Crossroads), one of 18 aircraft that he owned. Still flying as 'Stormin' Norman'
G-APVS107 viewsCessna 170B c/n 26156 ex N2512C
White Waltham 22 June 1958
G-APXY103 viewsCessna 150 c/n 17711 ex-N7911E, cancelled by CAA 2010.
Photo taken at Blackbushe on 19 March 1960.
G-APYA112 viewsCessna 175A Skylark c/n 56444 transferred to Ireland Aug 63 as EI-AND 1963 and W/O 30-10-94
Photo taken at Blackbushe on 19 March 1960
G-APYJ116 viewsCessna 180A c/n 50012 ex-N347T, to Ireland as EI-ALO in June 1960
Own photo taken at Kidlington on 7 May 1960
G-ARAT115 viewsCessna 180C c/n 50827 ex-N9327T, possibly taken at Panshanger 11 Dec 1960, to USA 2012 as N7479M
G-ARAV110 viewsCessna 172A c/n 47571 sold to Ireland 1974
G-ARCH111 viewsCessna 310D c/n 39253 Airwork Perth 1960 to 1970, taken at Panshanger 11 Dec 1960. dbr Perth 16 Feb 1970
G-ARCI111 viewsCessna 310D c/n 39266 Airwork Perth 1960 - 1977, various owners, cancelled by CAA 1989
Photographed at Woodley, 8 July 1961
JA3007120 viewsCessna 195, seen later (2012!)on display at the Museum of Aeronautical Sciences near Narita International Airport.
(love the PanAm Stratocruiser in the background!)
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