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OH-CSM83 viewsCessna 180
PT-BEH87 viewsCessna 180B c/n 50566 ex-N5266E
N1683M79 viewsC-46F-1-CU c/n 22476/CU2585 ex-44-78653, to CF-IHU, N9327R, HI-80, N152V, CP-714, wfu and stored 1978.
N1802M80 viewsC-46F-CU c/n 22475 Lake Central Airlines leased 1951 for a couple of years, returned to USAF May 1954 but leased again to Resort Airlines, to CF-HTJ and N7560U in 1982 with Southern Air Transport
N4882V80 viewsC-46 c/n 22508/CU2617 Meteor Air Transport to N618Z with Zantop
N6797082 viewsC-46 c/n 22587/CU2696 to Zantop
CP29/OT-CBI Bournemouth Hurn88 viewsC-119G Belgian Air Force c/n 11086 to Ethiopia
CP24/OT-CBD Bournemouth Hurn89 viewsC-119G Belgian Air Force c/n 11077 ex-52-6038
N9701F Paris Orly 1963103 viewsFairchild C-82 Packet ex-45-57814, ex-N2047A. Used by TWA for 16 years as its Flying Repair Station servicing TWA's airliner fleet on European sectors. Also operated under Ethiopian reg ET-T-12 which I noted at LHR on 30 July 1958. Chief Pilot was Claude Girard, a business associate of ours. Currently preserved in Hagerstown
as one of the last complete C-82 Packets in the world.
WH912 E.E. Canberra Mk. B294 viewsused by R.A.E. Farnborough from 1958 as testbed for Airpass radar and fire-control system. Photo courtesy of Robt. J. Ruffle taken on 12 May 1958 and published in Flight magazine
CCCP-76485 London Heathrow87 viewsIL-114 c/n 63M461 ended up at Kriviy Rih Technical School in the Ukraine
N3676Y Paris Toussus-le-Noble 196385 viewsCessna 210
Reg used on a Beech V35B in 2010
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