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N56TA Blackbushe 28 Sept 1958106 viewsBeech AT-11 Kansan c/n 1474 ex-41-27629, N6666C
Television Associates Indiana Inc. 'Star of the East'
Reg currently used on an Aviat A1A
N57TA Blackbushe 18 Sept 1959104 viewsBeech AT-11 Kansan c/n 1203 ex-41-27358, N8078H
Television Associates Indiana Inc.
Reg later used on a LJ55 that crashed whilst performing aerobatics at Waterkloof AB Pretoria South Africa 13.11.81
N7307E Blackbushe 19 March 1960103 viewsCessna 210 c/n 57007. Became G-ARDC and used by Donald Campbell. To Greece 1982 as SX-AJW.
Own photo
N767PA85 viewsBoeing 707-321C PanAm 'Jet Clipper Challenger'
N7848B London Heathrow Nov 1957105 viewsC-46R (Riddle conversion) on a demo tour. c/n 273 named 'Baby Lynn IX', possibly still going strong in Alaska with Everts as 'Dumbo'
N9599Z89 viewsBeech C-45H Expeditor ex-52-10551 (c/n AF.481) to N9599Z, then to Zaire AF as 9T-BHA, civilianized
as 9Q-CHA, then 9Q-CQE
N9693G Flugplatz Reichelsheim ca 1968122 viewsCessna U206F c/n U206-01893. Exported to France 1973.
NX739 Blackbushe 1956106 viewsAvro Lancaster Mk 7 ex-617 Sqn on loan to Eagle Aircraft Services. Broken up in early 1957 at RAF Wroughton and replaced by Lincoln B.2 RF332. Both were used mainly for Ministry of Supply photographic missions.
OO-ARD at ILA Hannover ca 195997 viewsSupermarine 361 Spitfire HF.IXb c/n CBAF 5542) ex-MH415 ex-H-65, H-108 RNLAF, SM-40 RBAF, to COGEA as target tug, then stored in France, purchased by Hamis Mahaddie for the fim 'Battle of Britain' regd G-AVDJ. Purchased by one of the film's pilots, Wilson 'Connie' Edwards, Big Spring TX 1968 and regd N415MH 'ZD-E'.
A Robt. J. Ruffle photo
OO-SDG95 viewsDouglas DC-6B SABENA c/n 43828 to EC-ASR,OO-SDG(1),CA+023(D), .. OY-STZ,VR-HGW,
OO-SEA Blackbushe 3 Sept 1957102 viewsCessna 310 c/n 35535 ex-N5345A Sabena Flying School Grimbergen
A Robin A. Walker photo
OO-SET93 viewsCEA Jodel D.150 Mascaret c/n 46 to PH-ULS, G-BHEG and still active
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