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Last additions - Alan's collection of old b/w photos (mainly Cessnas) from various sources (but all paid for!)
D-EMOZ123 viewsCessna 170B c/n 25817 ex-N3173A, to F-BJLZJun 23, 2014
D-EMOX122 viewsCessna 170B c/n 20615 ex-N2463D, Egelsbach-based, to OO-SPB in 1966Jun 23, 2014
XB-FAS142 viewsMuch modified Cessna...Jun 16, 2014
OE-DSH143 viewsCessna 210 c/n 210-57733 ex-N9433X to D-EDSHJun 16, 2014
HB-CMA154 viewsCessna 182E Skylane c/n 182 54262 to D-EDLB, I-EDLBJun 16, 2014
F-BJZN140 viewsCessna 172C Skyhawk c/n 49086Jun 16, 2014
N6095T155 viewsCessna 172, reg later used on a Cessna TR182 and a Bell 412
Jun 16, 2014
F-BKRF148 viewsCessna 172C Skyhawk c/n 172-49241Jun 16, 2014
F-OBYC152 viewsCessna 185A Skywagon c/n 185-0239 ex-N4039Y, based in Vientiane, Laos, French Protectorate up to independence 1953. Funny photo this one - looks as though the photographer just arrived on his bike as the owner turned up (if the gentleman on the left IS M. Guichaona!). Print totally scratched - I did my best with it.Jun 16, 2014
F-DAAL144 viewsCessna 182A Skylane c/n 34985 ex-N4885D and HB-CPS, to F-BIDR and later written off. Jun 16, 2014
PH-MAF145 viewsCessna 172A c/n 47356 ex-N7756T, (OY-AEW), (PH-NTS), to N6427
NTS - Nederlandse Televisie Stichting
Jun 16, 2014
N7307E140 viewsCessna 210 c/n 57007, to G-ARDC (DC - Donald Campbell of 'Bluebird' car and boat speed record fame). While I was waiting for a flight at Biggin Hill on 1 June 1960, he popped his head in the door.Jun 16, 2014
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