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Last additions - Alan's collection of old b/w photos (mainly Cessnas) from various sources (but all paid for!)
D-EHUF100 viewsCessna 195 c/n 7406, cancelled 09/57, to F-OBCZJun 13, 2014
CF-NRD93 viewsCessna 180D, c/n 180-50973, built 1961substantially damaged in a landing accident on 2 Oct 65 at Morgantown Airfield W.VA. Later to C-FNRDJun 13, 2014
24512/AKX93 views1957 Cessna L-19E Bird Dog, Continental O-470-11B 213 Hp, fixed pitch prop, 1st L-19 delivered to front lines in Korean War 16 Feb. 1951. Extant as N354XJun 13, 2014
PH-LPS postcard received at Oxford Kidlington 24 April 1959155 viewsBeech E18S c/n BA-6 ex-N3600B during visit to Oxford.
Postcard received on board from no less than every teenager's hero Sqn Ldr Neville Duke, who kindly autographed it. Original photo probably taken at Philip's base at Eindhoven.
Was to go on Swiss register as HB-GBD but not taken up, went to CN-MAQ, stored Malaga, then N9886A but left in Malaga and deleted. To museum Cuatro Vientos displayed as "EC-ASJ Spantax SA", moved again to Malaga 2002
May 05, 2014
PH-LPS postcard received at Oxford Kidlington 24 April 1959128 viewsMay 05, 2014
N7848B London Heathrow Nov 1957139 viewsC-46R (Riddle conversion) on a demo tour. c/n 273 named 'Baby Lynn IX', possibly still going strong in Alaska with Everts as 'Dumbo'Apr 03, 2014
N1838M location/date unknown147 viewsC-46F-1-CU c/n 22534 ex-44 78711
Resort Airlines
Apr 03, 2014
VT-COU Blackbushe 1957189 viewsDC-3 Jamair India. c/n 13570 ex-43-93636
I also have a record of having seen it at Heathrow on 4 Nov 1957....
Apr 03, 2014
G-AEUT Croydon ca 1955139 viewsHillson Praga (F. Hills & Sons Ltd) HM35 De-registered 1957 as destroyed.Apr 03, 2014
G-AFJA Croydon ca 1950141 viewsWatkinson DingbatApr 03, 2014
D-ADAB, DC-4 Darmstadt Oct 1972224 viewsOnce part of a fleet of three DC-4 freighters of All-Air who went knees up at the end of 1968.
I just noticed wife and son waving at top of steps!
Jan 16, 2014
D-ADAB, DC-4 Darmstadt Oct 1972173 viewsslightly different angle. note Coca-Cola van making a delivery.Jan 16, 2014
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