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Last additions - Alan's collection of old b/w photos (mainly Cessnas) from various sources (but all paid for!)
F-OBYZ98 viewsCessna 310G c/n 310G-0149, ex- N2949R, to TR-LMN and F-BSRHDec 10, 2014
F-OBOT102 viewsCessna 310D c/n 39089 Republique Malgache, supplied by Fenwick Aviation ToussusDec 10, 2014
ZS-CLE81 viewsCessna 310C c/n 35967 Croydon Aug 59, to N9715Z, destroyed 7 Oct 84 MichiganDec 10, 2014
9L-LAE101 viewsCessna 310C c/n 35795 to G-ATSV, wfu 8.2.73Dec 10, 2014
VH-PRC91 viewsCessna 310 of Peel River Land and Mineral Co of Goonoo Goonoo near Tamworth NSW, to VH-AER in 1960 and traded in for 310H-0043 ex-N1043QDec 10, 2014
N2611C95 viewsCessna 310C c/n 35011 to John Houlder at Elstree as G-ARBI, written off 2 Aug 72Dec 10, 2014
N77L88 viewsCessna 310 c/n 35117 Lear Inc, possibly taken at Croydon. Flown to Moscow 1958 by Bill Lear, after which he called it 'Moscow Mule'. Built 1955 and sold to Switzerland 1965.Dec 10, 2014
60-0604882 viewsCessna L-27B/U-3B c/n 310M-0003 60-6048, possibly based Upper Heyford. To US Forest Service as N48VFDec 10, 2014
VH-RSY 91 viewsCessna 310B c/n 35654 Royal Aero Club of NSW ex- ZK-REX, N5454A. To VH-CYO, VH-TTMDec 10, 2014
G-APFA89 viewsDruine D.52 Turbi PFA 232 Built by Britten-Norman in 1957 and seen here that same year at the R.Ae.S. garden party at Wisley. Coventry Victor 'Neptune' test bed, vibrationless engine.Dec 09, 2014
G-APNY98 viewsPiaggio P-136L Series 2 c/n 242, to Switzerland as HB-LAV. Visited Blackbushe 16 July 1959 for the Daily Mail race.Dec 09, 2014
G-APWV85 viewsOrlican L-40 Meta-Sokol c/n 150707 dbr Stapleford 17.7.65Dec 09, 2014
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