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G-BWOF/XW291 North Weald 28 April 199684 viewsJet Provost T5A c/n EEP/JP/955 6 FTS Finningley 'N' to Shawbury in storage 1993, reg N287XW also allotted. Still current 2015Sep 02, 2015
RAF Finningley crest, North Weald 28 April 199679 viewsOff XW291Sep 02, 2015
XW291 North Weald 28 April 199673 viewsWith friends Tom, John and.....Sep 02, 2015
J-4076 North Weald 28 April 199676 viewsHawker Hunter F.58 Swiss Air Force c/n 41H/697443, N321AX, C-GIVI, G-HONE, de-reg 17.9.96 to SwedenSep 02, 2015
G-BKOU/XN637 North Weald 28 April 199680 viewsJet Provost T3 c/n PAC/W/13901 3 FTS Leeming '13' to Shawbury storage 1963. to Kemble 1973 to Winterbourne Gunner Wilts. (Nuclear Bacteriological & Chemical Defence) as instructional airframe. Swopped for a Vampire by Sandy Topen 1975 and slowly restored at Duxford and Cranfield. FF 1988, first display Biggin Hill 1989.Sep 02, 2015
G-VIVM North Weald 28 April 199674 viewsCanopy.Sep 02, 2015
G-VIVM North Weald 28 April 199679 viewsGnat G-MOUR/'XR991' in background with Comanche G-AZKRSep 02, 2015
G-BVOE/N232J North Weald 6 Sept 1991164 viewsSea Fury FB.11 c/n 41H609972 for RCN TG114, to CF-OYF, N54M, N232J, G-BVOE, N232MB. One of two found in Canada, restored as N232J. Wrecked in a landing accident and acquired by the Sanders family who restored it again. Bristol Centaurus replaced by a Curtis-Wright R-3350-93 engine and since regularly races at Reno as 'September Fury'.Sep 01, 2015
G-BKRG North Weald Sept 199376 viewsBeech C-45H c/n AF-222 ex-51-11665, N9075Z, NC75WB, N75WB, marked as VN75WB in film Octopussy, here marked as 122351. to Aviodrome Lelystad 2003
Sea Fury N232J on right.
Sep 01, 2015
G-TRAN North Weald 10/11 Sept 199374 viewsBeech 76 Duchess c/n ME-408 ex-G-NIFR. My transport for the day. Sold June 2018 as 9A-PADAug 26, 2015
G-AZTA North Weald 10/11 Sept 199376 viewsBölkow BO-209 Monsun c/n 190 ex-D-EAIFAug 26, 2015
G-BTDP North Weald 10/11 Sept 199379 viewsGrumman TBM-3R Avenger c/n 3381 ex-BuAir 53319, N3966A, to HB-RDG in 2006Aug 26, 2015
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