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Most viewed - Alan's collection of old b/w photos (mainly Cessnas) from various sources (but all paid for!)
N126CS147 viewsCessna 172 c/n 28387
F-BKRF147 viewsCessna 172C Skyhawk c/n 172-49241
PH-VLC Schiphol Amsterdam 1964147 viewsDH-104 Dove 1B c/n 04104 ex-XY-ABQ, G-ARDN. MAC Martins Air Charter, to HB-LAX
N9089Z Biggin Hill 1964147 viewsNorth American TB-25J/VB-25N Mitchell c/n 108-34136 ex-44-30861 Aero Associates, Tucson AZ. Malcolm D.N. Fisher/Historical Aircraft Preservation Society, Biggin Hill, 1966-1967. British Historic Aircraft Museum, Southend, July 1967-1983 displayed as HD368 VO-A. Later to North Weald and later in pieces at Wycombe Air Park. G-BKXW
CF-KML146 viewsCessna 120 c/n 10474, to C-FKML
N5709146 viewsCessna CH-1A Skyhook (4-seat), Cessna's attempt to enter the rotary-wing market. Some 50 CH-1s were built, Ecuador, Iran and the USAF had several, but Cessna bought most back and scrapped them, revoking the type certificate to avoid liability problems.
N9362C146 viewsCessna 180 Floatplane. Registration later carried by a PA-28
CF-HSZ146 viewsCessna 180 Floatplane, belonging to Charles Hirst & Sons Ltd, representing Wright's Canadian Ropes, Birmingham UK
N6150E146 viewsCessna 172 c/n 46250 built 1958
OY-RPC146 viewsCessna 172A c/n 47352 ex-N7752T, crashed 9.2.1975 Svaneke
D-EFUP Blackbushe 17 August 1958146 viewsRhein-West-Flug (Fischer) RW3-P75 Multoplan c/n 005 registered to D.Siepmann Mönchengladbach
Designer H. O. Fischer, and constructor Ing. H. Gomolzig
Series production by RFB Krefeld-Uerdingen but only 22 built.
Own photo
131527 Blackbushe 18 June 1955146 viewsLockheed P2V-5F Neptune c/n 526-5408 Code EB-6 USN
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