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Most viewed - Alan's collection of old b/w photos (mainly Cessnas) from various sources (but all paid for!)
N4273A Amsterdam Schiphol 1964156 viewsDC-4 (C-54A-15-DC) c/n 10411 ex-42-72306, N75416, D-AGUS (CDL Continentale Deutsche Luftreederei)
OO-CTL156 viewsDouglas DC-6B SOBELAIR c/n 43832 EC-ASR,OO-SDG(1),CA+023(D), .. OY-STZ,VR-HGW,
PH-LPS postcard received at Oxford Kidlington 24 April 1959155 viewsBeech E18S c/n BA-6 ex-N3600B during visit to Oxford.
Postcard received on board from no less than every teenager's hero Sqn Ldr Neville Duke, who kindly autographed it. Original photo probably taken at Philip's base at Eindhoven.
Was to go on Swiss register as HB-GBD but not taken up, went to CN-MAQ, stored Malaga, then N9886A but left in Malaga and deleted. To museum Cuatro Vientos displayed as "EC-ASJ Spantax SA", moved again to Malaga 2002
VT-DOS Cessna 320 Skyknight155 viewsNight-stopped at Leeds-Bradford on 27 October 1962 on delivery to India (photo is not necessarily LBA)
F-OBII155 viewsCessna 172 c/n 36783
OY-AEC155 viewsCessna 175 c/n 55284 built 1958, ex-N9484B, to SE-CNO, OY-AEC, SE-CNO, OY-AEC, destroyed in hangar fire 27.4.1967 Kastrup
D-EGPA155 viewsCessna 210B c/n 210-57928, destroyed 4.12.66

CF-LPJ154 viewsCessna 120 c/n 13032 built 1946, still active 2020
NC76051154 viewsCessna 140 c/n 10445 built 1946. Still valid 2008
ZS-CVK154 viewsCessna 185 ex-SAAF
N6095T154 viewsCessna 172, reg later used on a Cessna TR182 and a Bell 412
G-BECL/'N9+AA' CASA 352L (JU-52/3M) Blackbushe Sept 197x154 viewspassing by on our way to the Farnborough Air Show. Part of Doug Arnold's Spanish Armada.
BECL was ex-T2B-212 and eventually went to France as F-AZJU.
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