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Most viewed - Alan's collection of old b/w photos (mainly Cessnas) from various sources (but all paid for!)
N7670A151 viewsCessna 180 c/n 32567, to G-ASIT
Behind, G-AGOS, the Reid & Sigrist RS4 Desford Trainer, built 1945.
Possibly Croydon.
N5918A151 viewsCessna 172 c/n 28518. Reg now used on a Yak-18.
ex is either CF-KGG or RGG.
In background C-46 N92854
OY-AET151 viewsCessna 210 c/n 57195 ex-N7495E, to SE-CPR, OY-AET, D-EBQE, crashed 11.8.1969
Behind, Vickers Viking G-APAT c/n 153 ex-VL232
N776TW Paris Orly 1963151 viewsBoeing 707-331B c/n 18408/326. TWA flight 840 was hijacked by two members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The plane diverted to Damascus. Upon landing at Damascus the crew and passengers evacuated through emergency chutes. One hijacker threw hand grenades and another explosive device into the cockpit, destroying the front of the plane. The airplane was rebuilt with a new nose.
G-ARGC151 viewsCessna 180D c/n 180-50931. Southern Counties Aerial Contracts Ltd (Bardock Aviation) for crop spraying
PWFU 21.5.80
122461 Blackbushe 4 Sept 1955151 viewsLockheed P2V-2 c/n 126-1029 FASRON 107 Sqn USN
17149 Blackbushe 8 Jan 1957151 viewsR4D-8 Super Dakota c/n 43383 USNavy Naples
EI-AMD Blackbushe 6 Sept 1962150 viewsMS880B cn 5080 (seen again 21-5-63 enroute Weston - Rotterdam).
That's G-APKL behind
CF-KNE150 viewsCessna 180A Floatplane c/n 50317, 1960 at Sea Island Airport Vancouver. To C-FKNE.
This very same pic is in the Ed Coates collection
VH-RVN150 viewsCessna 172, reg now on a Van's RV-6A
OE-DCE150 viewsCessna 175B c/n 56812 ex-D-ECDO
SE-CTS150 viewsCessna 210A c/n 210-57642 'Tina'. Heavy landing Bulltofta March 1966 and sold as scrap to Norway.
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