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N309311779 viewsPiper J3C-65 Cub cn 5215
N65228 Boeing B75N11773 viewsc/n 75-3950. One visitor is wearing a T with 'RMFC' imprint, which may have been a VatSim club 'Rocky Mountains Flying Club'. N57800 was based for a number of years at Front Range Airport CO. Other hangars there are of similar construction.
PH-FUT Meidl Airport (LHFM) 14 June 2008583 viewsVelocity 173 RG c/n F02RG-001. Obviously based here at the time because brochures available at the airport illustrate it for pleasure flights. Later sold to Rotterdam (2010)
Aero S.106 (MiG-21F-13) 0212 Prague, Letecke Muzeum Kbely (LKKB) 25th October 2008576 viewsc-n 460212. Displayed at entrance to museum. Bears the name of the museum on the port side. Unfortunately, Halls A and D were closed due to a generator problem at the air base that supplied the power for lights. No amount of persuasion would get the staff to open them.
A11XEN Meidl Airport (LHFM) 14 June 2008547 viewsCelier Xenon 2 refer to
the copter on the left, D-MRCA, is a Gyrocopter Europe MT-03 c-n D05G08
D-MRRG Meidl Airport (LHFM) 14 June 2008545 viewsWDFL Dallach D4B Fascination c/n 049
Su-30 05 Russian Navy Bangalore Air Show 1998516 views
A11GSC Meidl Airport (LHFM) 14 June 2008512 viewsThe AutoGyro Europe MT-03 is a two-seater gyrocopter built by HTC at Hildesheim aerodrome in Germany on behalf of AutoGyro Europe GmbH. The MT-03 was the first autogyro which received the German UL type certification from the German Microlight Association. It has a range of 400km at a speed of 130km/h and a max speed of 162km/h.
Prague, Letecke Muzeum Kbely (LKKB) 25th October 2008507 viewsa very interesting selection on the airbase. MiG-19, MiG-17, 2 x Mi-4, 2 x Su-7, Mi-8, 2 x L-39, MiG-15UTI (3181?) MiG-15, various MiG-21, and much more...frustrating...
Photography across the fence was of course prohibited!
Lockheed 18-08 Lodestar486 viewsJohannesburg 1992. (cn 18-2026) "Andries Pretorius" - later formed part of the SAA Historic Flight static display at the SAAF Museum, Swartkop.
D-EOAE Meidl Airport (LHFM) 14 June 2008459 viewsOberlerchner Job 15-150 c/n 051 ex-OE-CAL
HA-JDM Budapest/Budaors (LHBS) 12, 14 June 2008455 viewsIAR-823 cn 42 Brainchild of Romanian engineer Radu Manicatide. Construction of the prototype began in autumn 1971 at ICA Brasov (now IAR Brasov) and first flight was on 10 June 1973. The second plane built - YR-MEA - was displayed at Farnborough in September 1974.
In total 78 planes were produced, the last in 1983.
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