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Me 323 Gigant665 views
A11XEN Meidl Airport (LHFM) 14 June 2008656 viewsCelier Xenon 2 refer to
the copter on the left, D-MRCA, is a Gyrocopter Europe MT-03 c-n D05G08
PH-FUT Meidl Airport (LHFM) 14 June 2008632 viewsVelocity 173 RG c/n F02RG-001. Obviously based here at the time because brochures available at the airport illustrate it for pleasure flights. Later sold to Rotterdam (2010)
Fw-190 A-8 Yellow 8 JG301607 views
Su-30 05 Russian Navy Bangalore Air Show 1998603 views
D-MRRG Meidl Airport (LHFM) 14 June 2008595 viewsWDFL Dallach D4B Fascination c/n 049
Fw-190 A-2B579 views
Ta-152 C-0 R11 V7 W.Nr. 110566 views
Fw-190 A-9 Red 22 6./JG301 WNr 490044562 viewsBad Langensalza May 1945
Do 335 A-0 VG IK Nr. 105 (240105)560 views5th Production aircraft assigned to Erkdo 335 captured at Lechfeld April 1945. Moved to Unter Biberg (Neubiberg) in USAF markings. No. 112 a 2-seater was also there and was taken to Farnborough for evaluation. It crashed on 13 Dec 1945 killing the Farnborough CO.
A11GSC Meidl Airport (LHFM) 14 June 2008555 viewsThe AutoGyro Europe MT-03 is a two-seater gyrocopter built by HTC at Hildesheim aerodrome in Germany on behalf of AutoGyro Europe GmbH. The MT-03 was the first autogyro which received the German UL type certification from the German Microlight Association. It has a range of 400km at a speed of 130km/h and a max speed of 162km/h.
G-APVF Cranfield 1-3 July 1994546 viewsPutzer Elster B c/n 006 ex- D-EEQX, 97+04, PWFU 2015
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